Many words have been written since the SCOTUS decision last week, but I’ve been unable to find my own. And that’s not the only reason I’m searching for words. There’s the war in Ukraine, ongoing shootings in schools and other public spaces, 51 migrants found dead in an abandoned truck in San Antonio, unrelenting threats to all life on the planet, a pandemic that continues to cause illness and death, and the never-ending injustices toward Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Plenty of words have been spoken and written, and many more are needed. But what’s mine to say?

Now, at the point in the month when I should have posted a second essay and should be writing my monthly “Afterthought,” I’m again at a loss for words. I’ve been feeling this way for some time, as is clear in the essay I posted in February, “Opening”. Then I wrote:

“I’m as unclear about what comes next as I was when I left my nursing job. And after I finished my previous book. Many days I struggle mightily to allow myself the quiet and the time to open to inspiration from the Divine. What will be my work to do next?”

For now, I’m going to follow the wisdom I wrote about in an Afterthought in 2016, “Listening As An Act of Love.”  So, I might not be adding new words here for a while. Instead, I plan to listen to:

  • people I haven’t spent much time with, in person, for nearly three years
  • trees, birds, the wind, and the sea
  • music
  • the long sighs of my dog and the purring of my cats
  • stories from voices rarely heard.

And I’ll be listening for guidance from friends, readers, and Spirit about words I may have to say.


  1. Hello again, Iris.
    It was interesting to read your email just now, as my experience has been similar. Since Uvalde, my emotions have been in utter turmoil. With each new development in the news, things feel compounded, but I can’t seem to form words or much in the way of coherent thoughts. The lyrics from the song in Les Miserables keep running through my head: “There’s a grief that can’t be spoken…”
    I would imagine your instinct to listen to your people and pets, nature, music, stories, and guidance from others, will at some point be transformed into some remarkable words of wisdom of your own making. Preferably where we can all read them!
    For now, peace to you in the quiet, searching, listening, whatever it needs to be time.

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