Blue Heron Studio


Using techniques of early book-binders, Iris Graville makes one-of-a-kind blank books ideal for writing, sketching, photos, or guest comments. She covers book board with fine art papers from around the world or papers she paints by hand. The acid-free paper inside the books is bound by hand to the covers with durable, waxed linen thread. Iris usually uses a Coptic, or chain, stitch which allows the book to lie flat. The stitching is not covered, so Iris uses threads in a variety of colors and sometimes incorporates beads.

Iris also  makes hand-built boxes in a variety of sizes using book board, art papers, buttons, and other adornments. They’re one-of-a-kind places for your keepsakes.

If you’re interested in learning how to make hand-bound books, consider a book arts class with Iris.

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To see more of Iris’s work, contact her below.