Hands at Work


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Hands at Work 

Portraits and Profiles of People Who Work with Their Hands

This collection of profiles by Iris Graville along with companion black & white portraits by Summer Moon Scriver  captures the drama and tells the stories of people who work with their hands.

When people who work with their hands describe their work, they use the vocabulary of the spirit. They talk of living in their hands; of the need to touch raw materials, get their hands dirty, strain their muscles, use the body to create. For them, the materials they use are alive and responsive; through their hands they connect to different times, places, and people.

Hands at Work received numerous awards including a Nautilus Book Award, Independent Publishers Award, and an Indie Next Generation Book Award. To learn more about the book, visit Hands at Work.

Washington State History Museum


Museum-quality framed images, profile excerpts, and frame-quality photo cards are available for exhibits;  Iris also can provide a reading/slide show for your group.