Orca Pod(cast)

The SeaDoc Society has introduced another helpful resource about the Salish Sea. It’s a podcast called Pod of Orcas: Saving Southern Resident Killer Whales. In this trailer, host Justin Cox gives a compelling introduction to the six-part series of interviews and conversations.

Cecilia Gobin

As a follow-up to my previous post, “Wild on the Skagit River,” I recommend you listen to the recent “Pod of Orcas” episode, Could We Lose Salmon in Our Lifetime?.  Cox talks with  Cecilia Gobin, Tulalip tribal member on staff at the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, about taking care of King (Chinook) salmon. She shares about Indigenous understanding of “our salmon, our responsibility” and teachings to steward resources to recover and sustain the species. When it comes to salmon recovery, Cecilia says, “We have to get to a point where we realize we have to up our game… getting to those actions we’ve avoided.”

Here’s a link to the salmon episode:


Thank you, SeaDoc Society, for good listening to inspire us to save the endangered killer whales and their home in the Salish Sea.

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