Wild on the Skagit River

You’re likely aware that salmon, especially the Chinook, are essential to the survival of Southern Resident Killer Whales. But you might not realize how important these iconic fish of the Salish Sea are to river, forest, and wildlife ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest. I’m still learning about these vital interconnections, and a recent episode of Salish Sea Wild added to my understanding.

NOAA Fisheries – spawning coho salmon

In “Salmon of the Skagit River,”  wildlife veterinarian Dr. Joe Gaydos and writer/photographer Bob Friel of the SeaDoc Society transported me to this scenic waterway. Did you know it produces all five species of native Pacific salmon and sixty percent of the wild Chinook? Like the orcas, though, the watershed is endangered. Joe explains why in his usual informative and entertaining style, combined with Bob’s stunning photography. You’ll also meet a sea dipper, spawning coho, and “Power Banana!”  Watching and listening (the video runs about fifteen minutes) is time well-spent. 

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