Afterthought #23 – Quakers on YouTube

A year after organizing what likely was the largest Clearness Committee in the history of Quakerism to discern a direction for his work, Quaker singer/songwriter Jon Watts has announced where the fruits of his labor led. In collaboration with Friends Journal, Friends General Conference (FGC), and Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS), Jon will create a Quaker-themed YouTube Channel. This brief teaser has me looking forward to Jon’s new ministry.  I expect the adjectives used to describe it are apt: Succinct. Exciting. Informative.
You can join the project’s Quaker Speak mailing list to be notified when the first videos air.  Stay tuned!


  1. I find thought of this ministry tremendously exciting as a way to make Quaker materials availab and accessible in ways that small press runs and lots of out of print material no longer are for me. At the same time, I hold tenderly may beloved elders who never touch computers. I do not know what it means for all of us to try to be community together acrossour different technologies and techno-aversions. But I am definitely excited by this direction of Jon's ministry.

  2. I hear you, RantWoman. I dragged my heels for a few years before I was convinced to blog as one way to stay in conversation with Friends. While I’m still behind many on the technology curve, like you I’m excited by creative approaches such as Jon’s, as well as others I’ve highlighted recently (Mark Helpsmeet’s Northern Spirit Radio and Jana Llewelyn’s “The First Day” journal). So many ways for seeking voices to be heard.

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