Afterthought #21 – One Hundred Posts

I don’t follow the stats for this blog, even though collects all kinds of them.  Like how many pageviews each day, the number of comments posted, and the number of people who follow my blog.  Those numbers don’t mean anything to me, but one recently got my attention—the number of posts since I began the blog on May 9, 2010.  I’m creeping up on 100 posts (I think this one will be 99).
It took some convincing for me to begin to blog (I’ve Been Convinced to Blog), so reaching 100 entries is noteworthy.  My original plan to post once a week lasted, well, three weeks.  Just took three times for me to realize a weekly, 500ish-word essay didn’t work for me, so I revised my goal to post twice a month. I did pretty well with that through the rest of 2010 and 2011.  By then, I was on a roll (most of the time), and added a third posting the last day of each month (like today) that I call an Afterthought, after a Quaker practice of sharing a brief reflection after silent worship.  That brought me up to 3 posts per month, which I’ve maintained pretty consistently since Jan. 2012.
So that’s how I got to 100 pieces of new writing, and I’m celebrating.  Celebrating some meaningful interactions with readers on the blog, through e-mail, or in person; new connections with other writers; and a body of work that, until I started blogging, I never would have believed I could have created.
Here’s to the next 100.


  1. Thanks RantWoman. Blogging has become important both for my writing practice and my spiritual practice. Thanks for reading and for the encouragement for the next 100.

  2. Congrats, Iris! I am right behind you (write behind you?), and you've inspired me to do my own celebratory 100th blog some time next week. Way to go, girl…from kicking and screaming to writing and dreaming, that's us.

  3. Congratulations. I arrived here via Hay Quaker blog, who posted a quote of yours and left a link to your blog. The quote mentioned you felt a Lutheran pastor didn't appreciate your questions or your asking questions. Well, I'm a Lutheran pastor and welcome questions, have some of my own, and admit that I definitely don't have all the answers. You can check our my blog here: Eclecticity

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