Gratitude, anyway

Writing friend, Heidi Barr, reminds me, “gratitude is nearly always possible.” I needed her words in her recent journal post, “Gratitude, anyway,”  especially after reading today’s New York Times headline, “Bleak U.N. Report Finds World Heading to Climate Catastrophes.”

With so much emphasis on consumption at this time of year, not to mention ongoing crises and conflicts, I urge us all to follow Heidi’s advice: “Let’s let some gratitude in to sit next to all the other things that need our attention.” You can read the rest of Heidi’s thoughtful reflections below.

Cold-Spring_600Another way to let gratitude join us is with Heidi’s latest poetry collection, Cold Spring Hallelujah, available from Homebound Publications.

Heidi Barr | Author

This post is a slightly updated version of one from three years ago, since the message is still relevant.  The second to last paragraph has also been adapted as a poem that is found in Cold Spring Hallelujah, available now anywhere books are sold.

It’s Thanksgiving time [a complicated holiday if we look through the lens of colonization] here in the United States, and what a strange season we are in.  The Amazon burns while floods swallow sea level neighborhoods. Planned power outages become business as usual to prevent wildfire while incredible amounts of energy are used to keep indoor ski resorts going in deserts.   People in high office in too many countries seem to have missed the history lessons about the horrors that result from unchecked, systematic racism and the dangers in acting from fear and entitlement. Constant growth remains the goal while finite resources vanish. Work hours…

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