Full Circle

Facebook reminded me today that two years ago, I was preparing for all the book signing I hoped to do with the release of my memoir, Hiking Naked: A Quaker Woman’s Search for Balance (Homebound Publications, 2017).

lopez fit
Heidi Strong, manager at Lopez Fit, helping me strengthen my autographing muscles in 2017.

Thanks to the support of my community, I DID sign many copies at the launch party on Lopez on September 16, 2017.

Just a few days earlier, I’d written in my August Afterthought about a workshop I’d attended that helped me prepare for an author event. The presenter had urged us to think about our “costume” for a reading, and I wrote about how I’d found the perfect shirt for mine.

Naked Clothing’s hemp t-shirt with a trillium image

Throughout the weeks and months following the Lopez launch, the metaphor of nakedness also applied to my experience of talking about my book. I often felt I was baring my soul, usually to people I’d never met.

I’ve never gotten used to publicity like this.

My publisher and editor at Homebound Publications,  Leslie M. Browning, has been a steadfast supporter on this publishing journey, along with many fellow authors from Homebound.


Leslie M. Browning


Friends and family have supported me, too, sending me photos of themselves with my book.

This might be the youngest reader for Hiking Naked. “I like ‘naked’ in the title,” he told me. I’ve heard that from a few other people…
Writing friend Yi Shun Lai with her copy of Hiking Naked.

And photos of my book in various bookstores.

god section

bookshelf at nci

cover at bookstore ww

One Quaker friend made me laugh when she told me, “Yours is the only book of erotica in our meeting library!”

When I could, I baked orange twists (a pastry that appears in the memoir) to share with audiences. I estimate I’ve made about ten dozen of them for events over the past two years.

After readings throughout Washington, Oregon, Chicago, Connecticut, and Ohio, author events have slowed down this year. But, I still have lovely (and fun) opportunities periodically to talk about Hiking Naked (the memoir!). I especially enjoy teaming up with other writer friends when themes in our books overlap.

A Quaker, a strayed Catholic (Jo Scott-Coe), and a Jew (Larry Behrendt) walked into Village Books (to talk about their titles).

One of the authors I cherish working with is writer, teacher, mentor, and friend, Ana Maria Spagna. She introduced me at the Stehekin launch of my memoir on Sept. 10, 2017.

with ams

Next week, I’ll come full circle to that special event when I return to Stehekin to attend a workshop led by Ana Maria.

I’m fortunate to have so many companions on this journey.

end of book


  1. What an amazing journey! Thanks for sharing it, and for all the wonderful readings and talks you’ve given–you really give a lot to your audience, whether on paper or in person!

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