Screen Time, Take Two – Reblog by Heidi Barr

Fellow Homebound Publications author Heidi Barr has become a voice I listen to regularly. She often puts into words my own seeking, wondering, and musing. Her latest post, “Screen Time, Take Two,” and re-blogged here, especially spoke to me.

bosuMaintaining balance with my use of screen time, as well as many other behaviors that drift off-center, is like the BOSU ball I use in my fitness workouts. I can be standing solid on the rounded, ribbed surface, and a small shift sets my legs wobbling. With focus and perhaps an equally slight alteration, I regain my steady stance. Sometimes, though, I lunge forward, arms flailing, feet sliding to the flat, steady floor. I take a few deep breaths and step up again onto the tippy ball, knowing that sustaining equilibrium requires constant adjustments.

Thank you, Heidi, for your honesty, wisdom, and help to name one of the big challenges I face.

Heidi Barr | Author

I wrote the following post four years ago.  The issues outlined in it are still a struggle, but we can only change what we name, right?  Right.  So, here it is again, slightly modified to fit the present. 

I spend too much time looking at screens.

I have decided this before, but it screens have proved very persistent at creeping back into the limelight.  They have become a central part of my days, and I am realizing that my balance is off.  I have been crafting my definition of what “simple living” means to me for a long time now.   But even with a mindset that is pretty solidly committed to principals of simplicity or “enough but not too much”, it still seems like screens have been taking center stage.   I need to figure out how much screen time is enough, but not too much.

Generally, when I think about living…

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