Bounty Photography Exhibit coming soon!

Before I go on vacation, my writing efforts are focused on short profiles to accompany the images in the BOUNTY Photography Exhibit. These Lopez farmers have fascinating stories and much wisdom to share – it’s an honor to be helping with this local food story.


Photographs for the Bounty Photo Exhibit are selected and being printed by our photographers. Framing will be done in early October for the exhibit opening at Lopez Center on October 23rd and the Harvest Dinner October 24!


Steve Horn and Robert S. Harrison Printing. Photographs by Sue Roundy.

We Need Your Support!

The Bounty Project is community funded. We have been fortunate to raise over $3,500 so far this year from individuals and local organizations including Lopez Locavores, Heller Family Foundation, Lopez Thrift Shop Grant, and Lopez Artist’s Guild Grant.

We still have to raise $2,500 to cover printing, framing and writing for the project this year. Please consider making a donation today or buying one of the DVDs.

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