Afterthought #17 – a few more

Thanks to readers for adding to the list of  four-letter words worth keeping:

         food   tree   frog   yarn   mint   beer   wine   taco  rest   soon   done.

Since I just celebrated my birthday, I can’t forget:


Speaking of birthdays, this year I spent mine in Portland, Oregon. My sister-in-law is a guide for Urban Tours, so she led my husband (her brother) and me to noteworthy sites in downtown Portland. A stop at The Heathman Hotel was a highlight; I showed my writer geekiness with a slow stroll through the hotel’s collection of first edition books by authors who have stayed there.

The next day, we went to Eugene where I collected my prize for first place (student category)  in the Oregon Quarterly Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest: a writing workshop with contest judge Ellen Waterston and a public reading by the contest winners (you can read the winning essays
here; mine is “Boris’s Bluff). 

As you’ll discover when you read this fine magazine, it’s published by the University of Oregon.
Better add one more four-letter word to my list: 


*University of Oregon mascot

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