I’ve been convinced to blog!

I was at the QUIP (Quakers Uniting in Publications) Writers’ Conference and Meeting in April and had some great discussions with Quakers (young and old alike) about the future of writing. One panel discussion about entering the blogosphere convinced me that blogging will be/is just another medium to share our writing – like old Quaker journals of the past, contemporary Quaker publications, books, etc. So, I’m venturing into this world and will share my journey.

Today, I’m having my hand held by my writing group members on our annual retreat. I needed their moral support to take this first step. I’m eager to see how this looks and will enter more soon. I look forward to sharing the joys and challenges of this new medium and hearing others’ reactions.


  1. Welcome, Iris!

    I am so glad to have met you and gotten my hands on your wonderful book at QUIP. I am still pouring over the delicious stories and mystical photos. It was a labor of love and beauty!

    We do need to support each other as we feel led to put it out there!

    — Cathy
    In case you want to take a peek:

  2. Thank you for the link to your blog-paintings, poetry, reflective prose, and queries -beautiful and inspiring. Occasionally I lead “Journaling as Meditation” workshops (includes journaling with learning to make a hand-bound journal). I often use queries to help participants get started or to focus their journaling. May I use some of yours from your blogspot (with acknowledgment of the source, of course)?

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